Friday, February 20, 2009

LOST: On Location - Episode 5

3 snide comments:

The8Bunny aka YourCerberus said...

These videos are just so cool, thanks man. I wish I lived where you do. I'm so jealous. I'm sure there are a lot of perks on living on a gorgeous island. ^_^ It's too bad you can't do some on-set stuff since you're such a fan :( You would think they would let you. Also, you mentioned doing recaps. You and smolesiuk (from Youtube) should team up! :)

molly said...

Yay thanks for making these videos!!

I love them! =D

Clay said...

Oh no! People get in trouble for filming stuff on the set of LOST. Believe me. :)
So, I'm trying to carve myself out a niche of doing locations AFTER they air. :)


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