Saturday, May 16, 2009

LOST: On Location - Episode 7

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Sweettooth30 said...

Hi Ben

How are you? My Name is Jason. I live in Toronto Canada. I am also a diehard lost fan like you. I found one of your other videos a while back and loved it. I can't tell you how great it is that you do this. For someone like me who will probably never get a chance to go to Oahu while lost is still filming, I feel like you have bridges that gap for me. I could sit here all day watch Lost on Location, I find very insightful how you show what they add or remove from shots. If Lost was filmed in Canada I would defiantly do the same thing as you. I just wanted to say Thank you very much for your time, me and my wife really appreciate it.

Drop me a line some time at



gromitsdad said...

Hey Ben...

I just wanted to say thank you so much for shooting the locations! I'm a huge fan and to see the actual locations and the massive set dressing that is done is priceless. I'm really hoping you find the time to do some more for past episodes during the hiatus!!

Again, thank you VERY much for all you do!

Chris Johnson

cerebus said...

Thanks Clayton - your vids are really amazing and entertaining - glad you are feeling up to doing it again after your father's passing - great to see your smiling face again - I'm writing to you from Columbus, OH and hope you can make us a couple more Lost On Location videos to get us through the lo-o-o-o-o-o-ng hiatus. Namaste!

Clay said...

Hi all!

Thanks for all the wonderful comments!

I find it amazing that I can do little things like this video and bring a different take on "LOST" to people from Columbus, Ohio to Toronto, Canada!

I'll be scouting some of the other locations from "The Incident" and I will keep up with the latest "LOST" news right here!

Sweettooth30 said...

Hi Clayton Sweettooth here again, I thought I would do you a solid and help promote your site. You defanatly deserve it. Check out my post at I really hope this helps you get some subscriberes and maybe in return you can do some Lost on location from earlier seasons.

Thanks again for doing these.


Anonymous said...

Way to go! Please keep them coming..these are fresh and original.


Clay said...

Thanks SweetTooth30!

I'll take all the promotion I can get! :)

jamo said...

hello clay.

actually you did a COOL job...there are a lot of lost-addicted fans worldwide

I sense a real pleasure to get in touch with people that share the same passion

It'd be wonderful to collect the locations you
are revealing in a customized google-map

many thanks from italy!

Clay said...

Hmmm... I wonder if there's a way to link a thumbnail to each episode video on a Google map? I gotta look into that. Thanks jamo for that suggestion!

Sweettooth30 said...

Hi Clayton,

Sweettooth again. Sorry to bothe ryou but I wanted to ask you a question. I mite be coming to Oahu next year with some friends. They have been before and know where the crash site is, New Otherton, the shrimp Truck, the Falls and police beach. But they havn't been through Honolulu. I still want to do the Lost tour so I can go on the ranch, but my question is, if we go to Honolulu and I give you lots of notice, would you like to hang one day and show me my wife and a couple of my friends around. I would love to see Hoffs Drawler. Anyway I know this sounds a little weird, but just thought I would throw it out there.

Thanks again



Clay said...


Definitely. My best day is Saturday and having lots of time in advance really helps. If I can maybe I'll take a vacation day if it needs to be on a weekday. Keep in touch!


Sweettooth30 said...

Thanks Clayton,

It will be somtime next year. My friends parents work for a Airline, so every year they go on a trip at a discounted rate. I would never be able to go otherwise. The cool thing is my friends are awsome, even though they have been to Oahu and have a chance to go somwhere else, they would sacrafice there own trip to help me. They know how much it would mean to me go there. I would ow them bigtime.

I will keep in touch over the break.

Talk to you later

Jason (Sweettooth)


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