Saturday, November 21, 2009

LOST On Location In Downtown

I was driving through downtown on a whim this morning and I found LOST production trucks parked on Bethel Street. This is the same area where Michael tried to commit suicide and also used for some Thailand scenes with Jack.

Here are my pictures of the trucks parked and I got a shot of a crewman pushing some equipment with a film camera on top:
I don't really have time to follow this kind of stuff. But, my friend and LOST podcaster Ryan Ozawa does! Here's his blog from today's stuff, but I warn you it contains SPOILERS and he also shot part of an action scene!

Friday, November 20, 2009


Someone at Lostpedia convinced me to be a part of the current LOST ARG going on right now at

Clues lead you to a real place then you get a URL to buy one-of-a-kind LOST posters. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to buy one because they sell out in the first couple of minutes. This time, the URL was hidden at Abe Lee Realty here in Honolulu and I got to go there today to get some LOST goodies.

I didn't have time to shoot everything in the folder because I was doing a piece on the LOST ARG for our local ABC affiliate. So, I went home where I could go through it at a nice place. Plus, I brought out some of LOST swag for a show-and-tell.

Here are some pictures:


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