Sunday, December 28, 2008


Thanks to for posting the latest ABC LOST promo!  I warn you there are HEAVY SPOILERS in this video.  Watch at your own risk!

LOST Season 5 Cast Photo

You've seen those promotional pictures of the LOST cast.  For the first four seasons, they have been in some kind of exotic locale on "the island."  But, this latest cast picture is an amalgamation of the island and off-island locations:

Everyone is wearing clothing one would wear in a civilized society.  Plus, they appear to be in some kind of penthouse.  But, there are vines growing over the windows, plants on the side and branches and other debris on the floor.  Very abstract.  And very interesting for a LOST cast photo.

Good to see Desmond and hopefully his story can still go forward.  But, noticeably absent is Daniel Dae Kim.  Many fans still argue that his character Jin is still alive.  And we know for a fact that Kim is still in Honolulu after giving a donation to Toys For Tots.  But as Darlton has always said, just because your character dies on the show doesn't mean that actor is out of work.  That usually means that actor is used MORE often!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


I LOVE iTunes!  This year, I got a whole slew of new Christmas songs for free.

And before Season 5 of LOST starts, it looks like iTunes will be the exclusive place to get all of the promotional videos.

In addition to the Season 5 music video and theatrical trailer, there's several more FREE videos:

LOST Starter Kit - A recap of what has happened in the series up to now for those who never saw LOST.
Going On Vacation & Back To The Island - (SPOILER!)  Actual scenes from Season 5 so if you a hardcore non-spoiler fan you might want to skip these.

From all of us here on The Island, have a safe and 
Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

LOST Actor Brings Holiday Cheer For Hawai'i Children

LOST actor Daniel Dae Kim made a HUGE donation to the Hawai'i Toys For Tots drive on Monday.  He actually BOUGHT toys for less fortunate children in Hawai'i. 

Guess how many toys he and family donated?  Count 'em:  500!  He made that donation in a ceremony at Kahala Mall.  It looks like he also helped to clean out the KB Toys store there.  Kim said, "I thought it was a great opportunity for my wife and I to teach our children about the true meaning of the holidays."

I am impressed that Kim is continuing to be in the public eye here on O'ahu despite being fined and sentenced to community service just three months ago for drunk driving.  At the court appearances he made, he always seemed sincerely sorry.  Actions definitely do speak louder than words, however, and his generosity really says a lot about his character and integrity.

Source: KITV

Monday, December 22, 2008

LOST Podcast: The Transmission

If you have never heard of the LOST Podcast: The Transmission, then you have missed one of the most popular LOST podcasts EVER!

It's run by my friend Ryan Ozawa and his wife Jennifer.  Obviously, I like it because it comes from the point of view of an O'ahu resident.  But, it's a podcast that appeals to anyone who is a LOST fan.

For a while during Season 2, the couple took a hiatus and as we get closer to the Season 5 premiere Ryan and Jen are doing a podcast for the episodes they missed.

They just did a podcast for the episode "?" and right now is a good time to get in on the podcast if you haven't heard them before.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

I Made!

Hey, my video on LOST shooting locations has made it to the ever-popular blog!

It's great to be recognized when someone other than myself thinks my work is worth posting!  It's almost deja vu for me when I posted my "Frozen Donkey Wheel" video on YouTube and Lostpedia and Audibly LOST picked it up earlier this year.

I have to remember to embed my blog URL on the video, though.  Next time, I'll remember!  I'm still very happy!

Michael Emerson: The Lostpedia Interview

Although my LOST site is somewhat a tribute to Michael Emerson, I wouldn't say I'm fanatic about the actor.  Since I met him at the Season 3 premiere, perhaps I think of him as a normal person rather than some big-time Hollywood star.

That is exactly the feeling I get after reading The Lostpedia Interview: Michael Emerson.  It's a must-read for any fan of Michael Emerson or Benjamin Linus. 

It is an e-mail interview, however, so some questions seem repetitive since Emerson sometimes answers a future question while replying to the current question.

Here are some of my favorite quotes from the interview with the Emmy Award-winning actor:
"Honestly, I don’t worry about motivation or back-story much. Much more important that a scene crackles or sings. Acting is more abstract than most people (or actors, for that matter) think."
"I feel especially comfortable with Terry [O'Quinn]—not only are we in many scenes together but we are close in age and temperament and work habits."
When asked what he would miss about Hawaii when LOST is finished:

"I will miss the smells of the place and the surprising trade winds, the colors of water and the ever-changing show of light, clouds and rainbows in the Hawaiian sky. I love the ragged green mountains here and the hiking and the unusual birds. I love the sound of the Hawaiian language (like moving water) and the music of the islands. Most of all, I will miss the relaxation and the easy hospitality of the people of O’ahu."

"I think you learn to love your work, learn to do it well, be patient with yourself and go where your career takes you. Fame and Fortune are not healthy goals even if they were achievable. Acting is a difficult business and luck is a big factor. (Luck and preparedness, of course.) I still think of it as a monkish calling and it demands many sacrifices and makes no promises whatsoever."

Again, check out this link for the entire interview.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

LOST: On Location - Episode 1

Now that I have a video camera, I can shoot video of all these LOST locations around Honolulu and Oahu. Here's my first bunch in Chinatown and Downtown. I hope you enjoy it! It is made especially for all the peeps at Lostpedia!

Merry Christmas!

LOST: On Location - Episode 1 (Correct Aspect Ratio) from Clayton Wakida on Vimeo.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Got Your DVD Set Yet?

Bought it for $37.99 at Best Buy
Posted via Pixelpipe.

Monday, December 8, 2008

My First LOST Fan Video

Now, I have participated in a LOT of fandom. And for whatever reason, LOST fans really LOVE to make fan videos. It seems EVERYONE does them. So, in the midst of my LOST fanaticism I pooled whatever resources I had to make a fan video. Here's the first one I ever made. I used an archaic editor that came with my DVD burner. I still think it's a pretty good video, although I didn't have a lot of clips to pull from. Let me know what you think of it!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Found A LOST Shooting Location From S4

I was doing another one of my long walks when I happened to stumble across an alley near Fort Street Mall that, with one look, was VERY familiar to me. Check it out:

Does it look familiar to you? Well, my first thought was that it looked like the same alley that was used in the scene where Michael tries to commit suicide and Tom (Mr. Friendly) stops him in Season 4's "Meet Kevin Johnson."
Well, with the help of the great people at the Lostpedia Forum, it indeed is EXACTLY the location I was thinking of! Check out how these pictures match up:

Many astute Losties at Lostpedia also believe that this could be the same alley where Charlie saved Nadia from a mugger. So far, I haven't been able to prove that. If anyone can help me with that it would be great appreciated!

UPDATE: Looking at the "Charlie" footage a bit better and a helpful comment from Lost addict Ryan, this alley is NOT the Charlie alley. When I get a chance, I'll check that one out later.

Friday, November 28, 2008

New Season 5 Theatrical Trailer

There is a new free theatrical trailer of Season 5 of LOST on iTunes. Click here for the link. Looks like we'll be hearing that Fray song at least up until the start of the new season. And now we know how long the season premiere will be! Exciting!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

LOST-World Of Warcraft Tie-In!

Lostpedia has posted a "Lost" tie-in with the new "World Of Warcraft" expansion "Wrath Of The Lich King." There is an island with a hatch and if you mouse-over the hatch it has "The Numbers." Also, Lost-inspired music plays while you are on the island. Here's a screenshot from Lostpedia:

Saturday, November 22, 2008

LOST: Season 5 Music Video

Check out the new LOST music video by The Fray called "You Found Me" on iTunes [iTunes link]. It's at the bottom of the page.

The music video features new footage from Season 5. It's a bit spoiler-ish so I would stay away if you are an absolute non-spoiler fan. I wouldn't think they would spoil something crucial in the upcoming season, though.
It's interesting how an actual LOST music video was edited after seeing all of these fan videos, including my own.
The real music video did use some scenes that I used in this Jack & Kate fan video I made about 5 months ago:

LOST: Season 5 Poster

Doc Arzt posted the new official poster for Season 5 of "Lost":

A fellow Tweeter noticed that Jin is noticeably absent from the poster. Not a good sign for "Alive Jin" theorists, although I hardly think they'd show a spoiler like that anyway.

The layout of the poster almost makes me think that the Futurists and the Islanders will be opposing factions in this upcoming season. Maybe I'm reading too much into this. Also, should Locke also be with the future group, but in a coffin? Or maybe as a zombie? :D That would have been a disturbing poster.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

My Two Loves

Aside from God and my family, I have two loves in my life. The iPhone and "Lost," sad to say. But, hey, being single does have its perks. So, I will try to keep two blogs going on both subjects. I have plenty of "Lost" stories to tell and there's the upcoming Season 4 DVD that's on its way as we head toward the Season 5 premiere.

I'll leave you with a picture I took of Michael Emerson, the actor responsible for the character of Ben and is somewhat an inspiration for this blog:


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