Tuesday, December 23, 2008

LOST Actor Brings Holiday Cheer For Hawai'i Children

LOST actor Daniel Dae Kim made a HUGE donation to the Hawai'i Toys For Tots drive on Monday.  He actually BOUGHT toys for less fortunate children in Hawai'i. 

Guess how many toys he and family donated?  Count 'em:  500!  He made that donation in a ceremony at Kahala Mall.  It looks like he also helped to clean out the KB Toys store there.  Kim said, "I thought it was a great opportunity for my wife and I to teach our children about the true meaning of the holidays."

I am impressed that Kim is continuing to be in the public eye here on O'ahu despite being fined and sentenced to community service just three months ago for drunk driving.  At the court appearances he made, he always seemed sincerely sorry.  Actions definitely do speak louder than words, however, and his generosity really says a lot about his character and integrity.

Source: KITV

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