Sunday, December 21, 2008

Michael Emerson: The Lostpedia Interview

Although my LOST site is somewhat a tribute to Michael Emerson, I wouldn't say I'm fanatic about the actor.  Since I met him at the Season 3 premiere, perhaps I think of him as a normal person rather than some big-time Hollywood star.

That is exactly the feeling I get after reading The Lostpedia Interview: Michael Emerson.  It's a must-read for any fan of Michael Emerson or Benjamin Linus. 

It is an e-mail interview, however, so some questions seem repetitive since Emerson sometimes answers a future question while replying to the current question.

Here are some of my favorite quotes from the interview with the Emmy Award-winning actor:
"Honestly, I don’t worry about motivation or back-story much. Much more important that a scene crackles or sings. Acting is more abstract than most people (or actors, for that matter) think."
"I feel especially comfortable with Terry [O'Quinn]—not only are we in many scenes together but we are close in age and temperament and work habits."
When asked what he would miss about Hawaii when LOST is finished:

"I will miss the smells of the place and the surprising trade winds, the colors of water and the ever-changing show of light, clouds and rainbows in the Hawaiian sky. I love the ragged green mountains here and the hiking and the unusual birds. I love the sound of the Hawaiian language (like moving water) and the music of the islands. Most of all, I will miss the relaxation and the easy hospitality of the people of O’ahu."

"I think you learn to love your work, learn to do it well, be patient with yourself and go where your career takes you. Fame and Fortune are not healthy goals even if they were achievable. Acting is a difficult business and luck is a big factor. (Luck and preparedness, of course.) I still think of it as a monkish calling and it demands many sacrifices and makes no promises whatsoever."

Again, check out this link for the entire interview.

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