Sunday, December 28, 2008

LOST Season 5 Cast Photo

You've seen those promotional pictures of the LOST cast.  For the first four seasons, they have been in some kind of exotic locale on "the island."  But, this latest cast picture is an amalgamation of the island and off-island locations:

Everyone is wearing clothing one would wear in a civilized society.  Plus, they appear to be in some kind of penthouse.  But, there are vines growing over the windows, plants on the side and branches and other debris on the floor.  Very abstract.  And very interesting for a LOST cast photo.

Good to see Desmond and hopefully his story can still go forward.  But, noticeably absent is Daniel Dae Kim.  Many fans still argue that his character Jin is still alive.  And we know for a fact that Kim is still in Honolulu after giving a donation to Toys For Tots.  But as Darlton has always said, just because your character dies on the show doesn't mean that actor is out of work.  That usually means that actor is used MORE often!

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