Friday, March 13, 2009

LOST, Season 5: LaFleur - Review

I have to admit - I knew Sawyer was LaFleur.  Thankfully, that only spoiled the opening scene.  I thought it was hilarious that Dharma underlings are totally scared of Sawyer.

I know Sawyer fans are disheartened that James "Bad Boy" Ford is not as bad as he used to be.  In fact, we learn i
n this episode that he's pretty much the leader of the survivors during Dharma times.  But, I think we see a lot of character development of Sawyer after three years of being in the Dharma Initiative.
The one thing that kept me believing that Sawyer and Juliet could make a great couple is that Juliet is super-intelligent and Sawyer is, well... not.  Even in the scene when Sawyer is thanking Juliet for backing him up on the beach plan, Sawyer is litera
lly asking her for suggestions when she's telling him to think of a better plan.  Somewhere in the next three years, Sawyer's intelligence at least rises to the level of Juliet - and it actually feels REFRESHING.  Miles has now taken the role of being the smart-ass one-liner man.
I'm also glad that they kept the Sawyer-Juliet romance a secret until near the end of the episode.
Although I'm a fan of all the Island mystery, I really like this pa
rticular romance.  It didn't seem forced or rushed.

So, here's my Season 5 rankings:

1. Jughead
2. LaFleur
3. 316
4. The Life and Death Of Jeremy Bentham
5. Because You Left
6. The Little Prince
7. This Place Is Death
8. The Lie

I'm not going to claim to be a great predictor, but here's a signature picture I use at Lostpedia that sort of joked about a future relationship with Sawyer and Juliet:

On a personal note:
This past Monday, my father passed away.  I have been watching reruns of "Lost" because the whole story hinges on Jack's father dying.  Thankfully, my father was nothing like Christian Shephard.  But, a lot of "Lost" has to do with a lot of parental issues.  And I am glad that my father had none of those issues.  He knew that "Lost" was the one television program I watched every week.  Actually, the one thing he does have in common with Christian Shephard is that they are both in a better place.

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Anonymous said...

Condolences on your loss from myself and my family.

hal said...

hi clayton - sorry about your dad and glad you and he didn't have LOST-like issues. Love your locations vids - you live in paradise! your fan, hal

Clay said...

Thank you all for your kind words. I'm taking over a lot of the responsibilities my father used to took care of. So, video-making will take a back seat for now. But, when I do get around to it I'll make it worth your while.

You may have never met my father but a lot of him lives in me and everything I do is in his memory.


Capcom said...

Just found your blog. So sorry for the loss of your Dad. :-(


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