Saturday, February 20, 2010

Meet Yasmin Dar

She is not only the Beat The Traffic reporter on KITV 4 News This Morning but she's also a LOST alumnus and Yasmin Dar shares her experiences on being on our favorite television show in my latest On Location video.

3 snide comments:

Lostie said...

Hey Clay, great to see u back with ur location videos. I loved them last year.
I hope Yasmin gets called back to work in Lost, maybe as Dogen's long lost daughter, lol.
Thank you Clay for ur hard work !!!

Chris said...

Hello there :)

I must apologise - I have stumbled across your blog and haven't had time to read it properly yet. As you can see however, I have mentioned it on my blog as a Lost blog to check out - I like the look of this place:

My blog has a ton of Lost stuff on it, but also other stuff relating to comics, boxing, DVDs, etc the usual stuff.

I thought you might like to check it out, and I'll be checking out your blog too, and maybe we can advertise each others blogs or whatever.

I am doing a project just now called the Lost Blogging Collective:

Whereby each week I email a group of Lost bloggers (around 12 at the moment) 2 questions about Lost, and we all answer them to see how the fandom/blogosphere/*insert random buzzword* opinion is between us.

If any of this sounds interesting to you, I am always available at and interested in any kind of project or collaboration - I just love communicating with people in general :D

Finally, I have a competition to win a free Lost t-shirt. It's very easy to enter - just pick what t-shirt design you like, and a random person wins that t-shirt!! The comp ends on Friday though, so be quick if you are interested:

Okay, I feel I have taken up enough of your time now so I will leave it at that :) as soon as I get a spare few hours I will dedicate more time to reading your blog :)

Hope to hear from you soon!

- Chris

Clay said...

Thank you Lostie and Chris!

Chris, I am now following you. You put a lot of time and effort into all of this! :) I have my spurts. :)

Lostie - hey maybe I can get called as an extra as Dogen's fat nephew who never learned discipline in his life. :D Well, production is quickly wrapping here and all that will left will be on TV.


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