Thursday, January 1, 2009

Review Of LOST: Season 5 Premiere just posted the BuddyTV review of the Season 5 premiere of LOST which will air on January 21st on ABC.

Thankfully, there are no spoilers in the review. Evidently, the two-hour season premiere will be two episodes, each one hour long.

Here's my favorite quote from the review:

 Based on these first two episodes, Lost is back to “Oh My Effing God!” status.
I thought Season 4 was at least the second best season of the series (behind the power and mystery of Season 1).  Season 5 will probably have a similar feel to the previous season since it will have only 17 episodes compared with the first three seasons which had anywhere from 22 to 24 episodes.  Season 4 will probably end up being the shortest season with 13 episodes.

Less episodes means something BIG will happen every week.  No more "filler episodes.

I hate to get my expectations up high, but after last season's finale (which was the best season finale so far in my opinion) the new season of LOST promises a lot.  We'll see if it delivers.

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