Thursday, January 29, 2009

LOST Review: Season 5, Episode 3 - "Jughead"

Wow.  Who would have thought that one of the most revealing episodes ever would come in the second week of Season 5?

"Jughead" starts off with the birth of Desmond and Penny's son Charlie in the Philippines.  I presume Charlie is named after Charlie Pace, the man who saved Desmond's life.  Charlie/Charles could also be a nod to Penny's father Charles Widmore.

When Desmond spoke to his son about the island that he left long ago, I thought he was talking about The Island, not Great Britain. :)

Back on The Island, we found out that the year our heroes have time-traveled to is 1954 (50 years in the past) and that the "soldiers" are actually The Others apparently led by Richard Alpert (although he does say something about having superiors and a chain of command). And we finally have confirmation that a young Charles Widmore was once on The Island.  I love when Widmore says, "You think he knows the island better than I do?"  I was literally saying, "YES!"

Back in 2007, Desmond finds out a connection between Daniel Faraday and Charles Widmore.  So, it seems that EVERYONE is converging in on Los Angeles.  The Oceanic 6 is already there plus Ben and Ms. Hawking.

Speaking of Ms. Hawking, the enhanced episode of "The Lie" says her first name is Eloise.  Could Ellie on The Island in 1954 be Eloise Hawking?  Going further out on a limb: could Ms. Hawking be Daniel Faraday's mother?  Daniel named his rat Eloise.  Widmore says Daniel's mother is in Los Angeles, which is coincidentally where Ben meets up with Ms. Hawking.  Just something to think about as we push ahead this season.

I'm also intrigued by the Compass Time Loop.  Future Locke gives 1954 Alpert a compass from Future Alpert.  Alpert later shows a 5-year-old Locke the same compass which he doesn't recognize.  Locke grows up and crashes on The Island.  Ben moves The Island which sets Locke traveling through time where he gets the compass from Alpert and goes back to 1954 to give it back to Alpert.  I have a headache.

The episode ends with Charlotte going full-Minkowski on Daniel.  This doesn't look like it will end well.

Here's how I rank the episodes this season so far:

1) Jughead
2) Because You Left
3) The Lie

Unfortunately, no obvious public O'ahu locales in the episode this week.  I'll be keeping my eyes peeled every week for a chance to do another "On Location" video.

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