Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Congratulations, Michael Emerson!

I want to extend a hearty mahalo to the Emmys for finally giving Michael Emerson, the hero of this blog, his long overdue Emmy for his role as Benjamin Linus in "Lost."

I think it's a little ironic, though, that he won the award for the season that I thought was his weakest as a character. Ben seemed to be along for the ride in Season 5 instead of being the "man behind the curtain."

I thought his strongest performances were in Season 2 and a good chunk of Season 3. The last several episodes in Season 4 were also good Ben episodes.

Anyway, I love that Emerson brought a little bit of the aloha spirit to the Emmy award show. He ended his speech with "mahalo nui loa" which means "thank you very much." In my book, he is kama'aina and I hope he takes the aloha spirit around the world wherever he goes.

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Sweettooth30 said...

Hi Clayton, good to see your back posting, I couldn't agree more about Michael. Are you hearing anything on current filming locations. Also are there any plans to do some more on Locations. I woiuld love to See New Ortherton or police beach.

Thanks talk soon

Clay said...

I had taken a break from doing location videos since my father passed away in March. But, I do plan on doing them again in this hiatus.

I intentionally avoid spoilers and I'm not huge on crashing the latest filming location. I guess being on location on the set in an official manner has me empathizing more with the cast and crew rather than spoiler fans. "Lost" is on a pretty tight schedule and I wouldn't want to impede that in any way.

However, if I do come upon filming by accident
I will take pictures. :)

The place I want to find most is the church that Jacob met young Sawyer. New Otherton is easy. I can film that by the road. Police beach is a bit harder. I have to park my car in a very shady part of Haleiwa and then hike it in. Someday I'll get all of these locations.

Sweettooth30 said...

Hi Clayton,

Sorry to hear about your Father. I also don't like spoilers as well, I just meant more along the lines if they have started filmimg? The locations you mentioned would be great, also I have heard teh words, Duningham Ranch thrown around here and they? is that on teh lost tour only? Anyway great to hear your back, I will check back regulary to see if anything new is up.


Jason AKA: Sweettooth


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