Wednesday, October 21, 2009

LOST Season 6 On Location!

Now, I'm not the type of LOST fan to go out and stalk the LOST cast and crew and try to get spoilers. Perhaps it was because I was actually allowed to be on the LOST set before and eat their catering, drink their water and eat their snacks. I have tremendous respect for the cast and crew and I'll leave them be while I wait for the episodes. Those who do chase the shooting locations, they do it well and I don't want to overshadow them.

With that said, a couple of photos landed in my lap, courtesy of an anonymous friend.
Last week, the LOST crew were shooting in Waikele on Alelo Street near the 9th hole by the golf course. Obviously, he couldn't get that close but was able to snap these pictures.

They were actually shooting INSIDE my friend's house! His neighbor's things were actually moved out of the house! His neighbor's garage was used as the craft area for painting and making props. The crew also painted the walls of the house to their liking and then painted it back when they were done! The movers were then called on to move everything back in the house. They shot for two days for about 11 hours a day.

Whenever I get these little nuggets of info, I'll post them here!

4 snide comments:

Stephen Chapman... said...

I cant wait! It's been FAR too long since the end of the last series (my partner and I watched the whole series again to try and figure out what the hell was happening!)

Clay said...

In December, the Season 5 DVD set and Blu-Ray set are coming out so that should hold us over. :)

Just Thinking said...

Hi Clay- followed you here from LP- left you message there. On a Lost clue hunt- can you tell me what "eyeball eater" would mean in Hawaii?

Thanks JT

Clay said...

Now I realize that "eyeball eater" is an anagram for Abe Lee Realty. :)


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